A Brief Word About Dating

Dating can be a fun journey towards a healthy relationship.  It may also provoke anxiety and feel like a “chore.”  The “who” and “how” seem to be two of the most daunting elements.  

Even when dating “with purpose” you do not have to know right away whether this person is a life mate.  Think of dates as a way to get to know a person and to see if there is rapport that can be built.  Being able to get to know enough of a person to schedule a second date can be the only goal of a first date.  Easy first dates include, museums, coffee/tea and breakfast.  Movies are a familiar “go to” but remember you spend 1.5 – 2.5 hours in silence. Thus, they may be better for a second or third date. 

Although there are no foolproof ways to meet the “perfect” partner, there are ways to enhance your opportunities and increase your dating pool.  Keeping a well-rounded dating world is a way to increase openness and to meet a variety of people.  

•    In world
♣    Meet Up Groups
♣    Volunteering
♣    Social Gatherings

•    Online
♣    Dating Sites
♣    Dating Apps
♣    Social Media

Hitting the Pause Button:  There is no harm in taking a pause during your dating journey.  Dating to become whole, heal or to forget may not always be the best course of action.  I invite you to ask the following questions to help ground yourself:

Why am I dating right now?
Do I feel ready to become emotionally and mentally invested?
Do I enjoy alone time?
What have I learned about myself from my past experiences?

The key is to continue to work on self during these moments.  You want to attract from the best part of you.