Radiating Love

When looking for a significant other, one important question to ask: Are you significant to yourself?  The concept of two halves coming together as a whole sounds poetic but is flawed in practice.  A partnership of two wholes is greater than two halves.  You are whole even with flaws.  


Being able to identify what you like, love and even do not appreciate about yourself can be helpful when working towards finding a partner.  Attracting from your best version of self can make a difference.  This does not mean that you are perfect.  Perfection as a human is impossible and may turn into a source of symptoms and stress.  We all are works in progress.  The key is to do the work and not own being “broken.”  I say to clients all the time “I am not here to fix you.”  We have wounds and some of those leave scars.  It is possible to honor the path that has been walked and the one that lies ahead as long as we are able to hold ourselves accountable for the moment in which we are living.  Love yourself in this moment. Use this love to fuel your core.  

For some, generating love from the core may feel daunting.  Try some of the exercises in the Self-Love Starter Kit and Self-Love Tune Up.  Here is another tool for your toolbox:

•    7 Day/3 Week Loving Gaze of Self: Love one part of yourself for one week until you have a list of three characteristics with seven parts to the description. Find one thing that you like about yourself and allow it to grow each day for a week by nurturing it.  It may be physical (ex. your eyes)  or non-physical (ex. sense of humor) characteristic.  Whatever you choose, be really specific and add a new part to the description each day.  For example, if you like your eyes be really specific; the shape, the color, your lashes, what they look like when you smile, etc.   


Radiate love from the inside out.  You are at the center of your Loveverse.