Ten Things To Do Today to Create More ME (Mindful & Engaged) Moments

 It can become difficult when juggling responsibilities and various relationships to take time out for self.  It is important to hold space for yourself in order to function better in your daily activities and relationships with others. . A “ME Moment” is a slice of time to intentionally occupy space for yourself by being mindful and engaged.  It does not have to be complicated.  In fact, finding simple things to do increases the likelihood of building a consistent routine.  


 As you build and/or enhance these skills, set a “ME Moment Reminder.”  You can carve out time each day and set an alert on your phone.  A few of the apps, like Calm, also have the option to send reminders. 


1.    Practice a grounding exercise

·     follow your breath: attend to your inhale and your exhale on each breath

·     feel your feet: notice the pressure that your feet have on the ground, hold your attention there to that moment 

·     connect to the Earth (walk in grass, dirt, sand, etc barefoot)


2.    Keep healthy snacks in your bag


3.    Carry a totem/pocket stone

You may purchase an object that represents who you are at the core or create one using a stone.  The stone may be one that resonates with you and/or you can decorate it to reflect different aspects of your personality. When feeling disconnected the stone may be rubbed as a reminder to be present.


4.    Practice a breathing exercise


5.    Conduct a self-check of your physical being 

(Am I hungry, thirsty, tired, too cold or too hot?)


6.    Admire nature


7.    Stretch


8.    Conduct a body scan

Start at the crown of your head and work your way down to the soles of your feet. As you attend to each area, notice the following: tension, pain, hot, cold, tingling, etc. 


9.    Listen to music 

Pay attention to how you feel when listening to a song.  What is your mood?  What physical sensations are you experiencing?


10.  Write yourself a thank you note