New Vision for the New Year

Happy 2019! The new year serves as a reboot for many. It is important to reset throughout the year but this is a great time to set the tone for those resets. Many people use vision boards and even host parties to create the vision for the year. However, if that is not something that resonates with you, do not feel like you have to create one in order to set the vision for your year. Here are a few additional ways to set intentions and tone for your year.

• Word of the Year

Take a moment to sit quietly and meditate on how you want your year to feel and flow. What word comes to mind? If this word resonates with you, use it as your word of the year. Write it on a post it for your work space or create a picture out of the word to keep posted for motivation.

• Mantra

Similar to the word of the year, this is a word or phrase that symbolizes what you would like to experience during the year. This word or phrase is repeated daily to assist with focus.

• Theme Song

Choose a song or two to express how you would like to feel during the year. Make a playlist out of the songs or keep the lyrics in a note on your phone. Read or listen to the song when you need motivation to refocus on your vision.

• Mind Map

A Mind Map is a visual thinking tool that can be applied to all cognitive functions, especially memory, learning, creativity and analysis. Mind Mapping is a process that involves a distinct combination of imagery, color and visual-spatial arrangement. The technique maps out your thoughts using keywords that trigger associations in the brain to spark further ideas. (iMindMap

• Vibe Board

Create a board using words and/or phrases that capture how you want your year to feel.

• Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram uses two or more overlapping shapes to show the logical relationship between two or more sets of items. This can be a creative way to set goals for each part of you: Mind, Body, Spirit. Draw three circles (or shapes that you enjoy) that overlap. Label each circle with one of the parts: Mind, Body, Spirit. The overlapping areas represent practices/goals that engage two or more of the parts.

• “A Year in the Life of Me” Timeline

Create a proactive vision timeline that plots points of events and accomplishments that you would like to experience during the year.

• Growth Board

Use the concept of plant growth to represent goals, ideas, experiences for your year. Draw pictures of the various stages to help your vision come to life.

Seeds: ideas and the first step toward any experience

Seedling: draw roots to show the first stages of progress

Vegetative: add stalks and foliage to show more growth

Budding: add buds that may include related ideas and experiences

Flowering: add flowers and/or fruit that represents being close to completing the idea/experience

Ripening: draw the full mature fruit/flower to represent completion

You may also be creative and add in drawings of the different agents you need to succeed in the forms of soil, air, water, sun and fertilizer.

At the end of the year, you can review to see what stage your seeds reached, to see which ones will continue to be cultivated and to prune to prepare for new growth during the next year.

• Vision Board/Box

This classic tool utilizes pictures and words to represent the vision for your life for the year. Typically pictures are cut out of magazines and glued to a large sheet of paper or poster board. Once completed, the board is placed in an area of the home where you are able to be motivated by it on a daily basis.

Fun Twist: use a box instead of the paper/board. On a daily basis write one thing that you are grateful for or that went well during that day on a small sheet of paper and place it in the box. At the end of the year, review the daily words.

Other tools include daily planners, journals, notebooks, Passion Planners and apps. I invite you to create your own routine for your new vision.

Be Love Be Well Be Whole