Therapy Note: The First Session

Therapy Note:  The First Session

The first session is also referred to as the initial or intake session. It is generally structured differently from a treatment session and does not involve interventions. The time is utilized to gather information and may involve forms, questionnaires and tests in addition to the verbal interview.

Therapy Note: Couples

Therapy Note:  Couples

There is no wrong time to seek support.  There are times when it is more proactive instead of reactive.  Reach out when the idea initially comes to mind.  (If your relationship is a tree, seek support when the leaves start to wither instead of when they start to fall off). Be honest about the type of support you want.  Find the therapist who is right for your relationship.

New Year, Best Me in This Moment: Finding a Therapist

New Year, Best Me in This Moment: Finding a Therapist

Total wellness involves being the best version of yourself in any given moment.  Being the best you in any given moment is not about perfection, it is about showing up in your life and your relationships in a manner that feels healthy for you.  Finding the right therapist is one way to support this endeavor.