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Creating A Shared Vision

Creating A Shared Vision

The truth is, our realities are partially based upon our experiences and perceptions. Since experiences and perceptions differ, our realities can as well.  This is true even when we are in a shared space and creating the reality together.  In the relationship, it is important to hold space for the shared vision as well as the individual realities.  The combination of those realities contribute to the shared vision.  

5 Tips for Navigating the First Date (Guest Blog published on Therapy for Black Girls)

Dating can be a fun and enjoyable experience.  However, for some, it is an anxiety-producing task. Un-communicated expectations, unrealistic plans, and hidden motives can wreak havoc on first dates. Check out the full blog post for 5 Tips to help on the Therapy For Black Girls site

Relationship Hygiene: Couples Check-Up Utilizing the 6 Senses

Relationship Hygiene: Couples Check-Up Utilizing the 6 Senses

The number one reason couples have noted for coming to see me is "communication."  Often it is not a lack of communication but challenges and errors in the ways in which the communication occurs.  There are many reasons that communication may feel rocky: fear of hurting the partner's feelings, fear of the relationship ending, a desire to avoid conflict and not knowing how or when to discuss topics that may feel sensitive.  

Therapy Note: Couples

Therapy Note:  Couples

There is no wrong time to seek support.  There are times when it is more proactive instead of reactive.  Reach out when the idea initially comes to mind.  (If your relationship is a tree, seek support when the leaves start to wither instead of when they start to fall off). Be honest about the type of support you want.  Find the therapist who is right for your relationship.

Relationship Hygiene: 7-Minute Individual Check-Up

Relationship Hygiene: 7-Minute Individual Check-Up is also important to nourish the individuals who make up the relationship.  If you find yourself feeling a bit out of touch, take time to observe and ground yourself. One way to do this is by doing a check-up of your mental and emotional space.